This is OSM

We specialise in supporting brands developing OEM or private label solutions for a wide range of technology products – we currently work as an OEM partner for world leading brands from the smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, headphones and gaming industries as well as a private label partner to some of the world-leading retail and fashion brands.

Our two core product areas are:

Accessory Solutions where our added value is delivering innovative solutions that are relevant to your target audience and enhance the brand experience.

Display Solutions where we deliver display products replicating the ‘real’ product to extend and enhance the end user experience of your brand in the retail environment.

OSM's offering distinguishes itself from the competition in one other significant aspect . We don’t just deliver a responsible manufacturing alternative with vast production capabilities , nor do we only offer design agency services to bring an enhanced brand experience.


Our true added value is quite and simply offering product innovation and peace of mind which enables our partners to extend their Brand experience.
Patrik Agren, CEO